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Successful time management skill

We all set our objectives, in our head and\or set them in our dairies. But only few achieve results. Why is it so? Information flow is nowadays too large for human possibilities. Multitasking is becoming rude reality for any specialist. What makes successful people so successful, effective? Only realizing the objectives, choosing the priorities and successful, systematical application of methods and rules of time management let you...

About the Project

Razrabotka i provedenie obuchaiushchikh programm: treningi prodazh, peregovorov, telefonny`kh kommunikatcii`, upravleniia liud`mi, liderstva, motivatcii, nastavnichestva. Psihologicheskoe konsul`tirovanie i treningi, reshenie krizisny`kh situatcii` po napravleniiam: otnosheniia, sem`ia, lichnostny`i` rost i dr.

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